Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Beginning

Le Rug will be touring in a mere four days.

Jan 3rd: TBA. . . Philly, PA
Jan 4th: The Boot. . .Norfolk, VA
Jan 5th: Lo-Fi Social Club. . .Baltimore, MD
Jan 6th: Hamilton Arts Collective. . .Baltimore MD
Jan 7th: Belvedere's. . .Pittsburg, PA
Jan 8th: Cafe Bourbon Street. . .Columbus, OH
Jan 9th: sleep? showers? maybe both, maybe neither.
Jan 10th: The Gypsy Hut. . .Cincinnati, OH
Jan 11th: Lager House. . .Detroit, MI
Jan 12th: The Elbow Room. . .Ypsilanti, MI (right outside Ann Arbor)
Jan 13th: Rocket Star Cafe. . .Kalamazoo, MI
Jan 14th: The Note. . .Chicago, IL

check back again after thursday for documentation of all of the rediculousness.