Le Tour

Sunday, January 13, 2008

okay so, last time we checked in with you all, we had been kicked out of a house in pittsburgh at 7 am.

first of all, there are now TWO flickr accounts with every photo we've taken with jeremy's digital camera. they are located
here and here


we headed to columbus directly afterwards and checked into a hotel because, well, we wanted to fucking sleep. after chillin at the holiday inn for a while, we headed out to the night's venue: the bourbon street cafe.

it's a pretty unassuming place on the outside but it's pretty cool once you get in. there's a window and this dude sells pizza and other things from it...it's called mr peeper's pizza and it is pretty much the greatest.

the bartender and the dude spinning records all night were both also in the band Times New Viking, who are signed to matador.

the show itself was our best to that point, even though very few people witnessed it.

here are some quotes from the people involved:

julian: "i liked it"
adam: "i didn't play dude. my finger was busted brahson"
matt: "i really enjoyed the show and the man who sold zas. i climbed to the top of my metaphorical mountain."


oh boooy this was a GOODY. we played at a place called the gypsy hut. may i recommend that you visit it, at some juncture in your lifetime. it's run by this guy named fred, who ROCKS the ping pong table upstairs. i am very serious. here's a quote about fred:

Julian: "i can handily beat anybody in this band at ping pong and i got whupped by fred"

a pretty resounding review, if i do say so myself.

anyways, the gypsy hut was a ridiculous party/show/ping pong tournament. i honestly can't remember a lot of it, but i do know that casey and michelle from Milk Milk Lemonade came and took lost of pictures. the actual musical portion of the show was quite solid as usual and adam even managed to meet someone that claims to have had phone sex with charles bukowski.

adam: "she was a burning soul in the lost template of time".

whatever. i should mention also that cincinnati is home to shake it records, which is a great record store, for those of us who are still into that shit. we spent 250 bucks as a band there...now we're out of money for real. but at least we have some media that we have no way of playing. and an awesome faust dvd.


we pulled into detroit and everybody was freaking out when all we saw was tons of abandoned bulidings. i've heard about the economic woes that they have but....something about seeing it was really disturbing. we ate some terrible, terrible chinese/italian food before the show. may i pass this lesson onto you all: do not eat shitty chinese food before a show. it is not a good thing.

the show was at a place called the lager house.

just like cafe bourbon street, it was a little freaky looking on the outside but inside, it was a warm and welcoming motor city madhouse. the soundguy was eccentric but could hear frequencies previously unbeknown to the human race. seriously. mas and the pussy pirates played before us and i'd give you a link to their site, but it's impossible to find with a name like mas. pussy pirates were great. we played a decent set to a fairly large crowd (for once) and then settled in to watch the final band: the potions. i have never seen anything like the potions in my lifetime. their frontman is a huge dude who looks kind of like meatloaf and screams kind of like death. their music sounds like LEGIT detroit rock and roll and it was kickass. you can't get this shit in new york. here's a link: THE POTIONS

the next day, we bummed about detroit for a while and everybody's tune changed a little. it's not a horrible place. in fact, it was kind of nice. we checked out the canadian border, while being very careful not to cross it. we played football in an abandoned parking lot. we also ate at a diner called the brooklyn diner, which was located right near the old tigers stadium. ray ate a burger that was bigger than his face and he's got a pretty big face. everyone else had breakfast. aren't you glad you know that?

from detroit, we made the quick hop to....

ypsilanti/ann arbor

The Elbow Room.....hey, this is adam and i have a few things to say about this stop. We got to this place a few hours early and hung out between other bars and coffee shops and checked our email. BONES indeed. so load in was about 9 and from the second we walked in we had a bafoon of a sound guy (whos mohawk was intended to cover up his receding hair line) giving us tude and shit. and we dont roll like that. For the few of us who are underaged we have GIANT fucking X's on our hands to indicate such and will spend the remainder of the tour desperately trying to remove them.... This fat fuck kept asking us the same questions about our set up and and changed the line up twice so he could effectively keep us confused and in a state of frustration. So! we decided to keep our cool cause thats our style, and played the set with brute force. The crowd (which wasnt small) was an overall positive reaction, however the employees did not agree...Our payment for the evening for traveling for a fucks worth of miles and playing almost every night was twenty dollars, enough for us to buy 4 gallons of gas, and a cheap hammer. Conclusively we were treated bad, played well, and now Ray will spend the rest of his lives trying to prove there is a meth lab in their basement. We did get a free pack of newports that julian stole, and gaff bled everywhere, so all is not lost. Mepham loves golf balls.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yeah, we've been really bad at updating with pictures and things, and I promise we will get better. But for now here's the link to view tons of pictures of our travels.



doggin that ass

so far we've been having way too much fun, and not enough time to update you all and we apologize...here's the short story version.

SO matt nottingham.....awesome kid, his friend, and drummer of the rooks, even more so. please believe us when we tell you to party in norfolk VA, it might just change your life.

next on the list was baltimore where we stayed with our friends, Abiku (myspace.com/abiku) (maybe the sweetest people in the whole entire planet) and their kitten. they cooked us amazing vegan food, let us stay in their house for 2 days, and drove us all to the biggest fucking mall i've ever seen. lo-fi social club = awesome arts collective.

moving on to pittsburgh: (we're running out of time here already, creeping motor lodges make you check out kind of early)
-belvederes had:
-$2 pints.
-crack deals going on at the bar
-bootleg movies and porn (doggin dat ass #3)
-a wendy's across the street where someone passed out from doing too much heroin
-a crazy lady who made it more than clear that she hada white boyfriend and two houses.
-a band called the outclassed who put on a pretty fucking amazing show.
all in all pittsburgh was pretty sweet, and completely gorgeous..too bad we were kicked out at 7 in the am due to some bad landlord business.

. . .and that's all the time we have for now. soon we'll update you on columbus, cincinatti, a couple videos, tons of pictures (of our travels and the knife collection that ray has built)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Donovan McNabb Fatality Tour '08

The Le Rug tour (aka the Liberto Family Farm Slasher Farm House Tour '08) has officially begun!

So, like every true rock band we started off the tour with a little family pasta dinner and some coffee served by Ray's grandmother in the lovely town of Blue Anchor NJ where we ran into Mr. Bill and ate some excellent egg sandwiches!
grandma's house
Mr Bills

10 hours later . . .
the backseat

. . .and a bottle of whiskey with Norfolk VA's best: "The Rooks". . .
the rooks

Le Rug finally kicks off the "Don't Take Your Shoes Off In The Van" tour '08.
group shot

Now. . . (drumroll). . . enter MATTHEW NOTTINGHAM

to be continued. . .

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Beginning

Le Rug will be touring in a mere four days.

Jan 3rd: TBA. . . Philly, PA
Jan 4th: The Boot. . .Norfolk, VA
Jan 5th: Lo-Fi Social Club. . .Baltimore, MD
Jan 6th: Hamilton Arts Collective. . .Baltimore MD
Jan 7th: Belvedere's. . .Pittsburg, PA
Jan 8th: Cafe Bourbon Street. . .Columbus, OH
Jan 9th: sleep? showers? maybe both, maybe neither.
Jan 10th: The Gypsy Hut. . .Cincinnati, OH
Jan 11th: Lager House. . .Detroit, MI
Jan 12th: The Elbow Room. . .Ypsilanti, MI (right outside Ann Arbor)
Jan 13th: Rocket Star Cafe. . .Kalamazoo, MI
Jan 14th: The Note. . .Chicago, IL

check back again after thursday for documentation of all of the rediculousness.