Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Beginning

Le Rug will be touring in a mere four days.

Jan 3rd: TBA. . . Philly, PA
Jan 4th: The Boot. . .Norfolk, VA
Jan 5th: Lo-Fi Social Club. . .Baltimore, MD
Jan 6th: Hamilton Arts Collective. . .Baltimore MD
Jan 7th: Belvedere's. . .Pittsburg, PA
Jan 8th: Cafe Bourbon Street. . .Columbus, OH
Jan 9th: sleep? showers? maybe both, maybe neither.
Jan 10th: The Gypsy Hut. . .Cincinnati, OH
Jan 11th: Lager House. . .Detroit, MI
Jan 12th: The Elbow Room. . .Ypsilanti, MI (right outside Ann Arbor)
Jan 13th: Rocket Star Cafe. . .Kalamazoo, MI
Jan 14th: The Note. . .Chicago, IL

check back again after thursday for documentation of all of the rediculousness.


Jomby said...

Why arent you hittin up jersey?

The Music Zombie said...

Ray hates Jersey! Spread the rumor like a virus...