Saturday, January 5, 2008

Donovan McNabb Fatality Tour '08

The Le Rug tour (aka the Liberto Family Farm Slasher Farm House Tour '08) has officially begun!

So, like every true rock band we started off the tour with a little family pasta dinner and some coffee served by Ray's grandmother in the lovely town of Blue Anchor NJ where we ran into Mr. Bill and ate some excellent egg sandwiches!
grandma's house
Mr Bills

10 hours later . . .
the backseat

. . .and a bottle of whiskey with Norfolk VA's best: "The Rooks". . .
the rooks

Le Rug finally kicks off the "Don't Take Your Shoes Off In The Van" tour '08.
group shot

Now. . . (drumroll). . . enter MATTHEW NOTTINGHAM

to be continued. . .


CQ said...


el carpeto said...

let adam write it next time.

kleenex said...

i agree!

xyz said...

uh which tour is it?

Le Rug said...
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